Cross CHurch nyc to close April 29, 2018


In 2010, Drew and Emily Griffin began a journey to plant a church in NYC. After 3 years of research and assessment, conversation, and prayer, they moved to the city to begin the work in earnest. Dozens of Churches, individuals, and family members walked with them in prayer and provided financial support beginning in 2013, and some remain with them today. 

The Griffins and their partners prayed, prayer walked, and prayed some more. In 2015, Cross Church NYC began to hold services in the fellowship hall of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, first as previews in May of that year, and then as weekly services that October. 

Ministry work in NYC is hard, but God was and is always good and continually faithful; His presence was made manifest in the frequent prayers and mission trips made by their many partners and their teams and in His financial provision. In the past 5 years CCNYC has served their neighbors, shared life with one another in countless small groups and dinner gatherings, and savored Christ through worship. CCNYC has hosted mission teams, participated in street fairs, cleaned and landscaped local parks, served local businesses and institutions, and attempted to accomplish the mission of making the Gospel known here in the city.

The worship has been sweet, and the fellowship with our neighbors and church members has been even sweeter. We have had individuals upend their lives and fully sell-out for the Gospel, moving across the country to serve total strangers and see the Gospel proclaimed in the city. All of this faithfulness and kindness, this joy and work, makes the following announcement very difficult to write.

After months of prayer and discussion, we have reached the conclusion that the time has come to lay down the work of Cross Church NYC. The reasons are many, and range from decreased financial support to often less than moderate church attendance. The cause lies with none of our faithful attenders, members, and givers, who have sacrificially given of their time and treasure to see the Gospel advance in Yorkville.

Our last corporate gathering will be April 29, 2018. Please join us in praying for the city, for our family, for our church fellowship, and for those in need of the transformational truth that resides the Gospel.


-Drew Griffin