We are a church that relies on prayer.  From the beginning of our planting efforts we have endevoured to strategically pray for our calling, our mission and our city.  We need your prayer support.  We ask for prayer partners who will pray at all times in the Spirit, “with all prayer and supplication,” that we may continue to “bodly proclaim the mystery of the gospel” to those around us in need of renewal and hope.


Sharing Life

Sin alienates. The world divides. In neighborhoods of thousands and cities of millions loneliness abounds and the fear of being alone haunts even the most successful among us. And yet, at the Cross, sin is forgiven, the worldly divisions are overcome, loneliness meets its end in fellowship and we are untied together through the work of Christ. The Church is a call to community, celebrating grace, sharing burdens, confessing sins, finding forgiveness, and displaying a love that is secure and sacrificial. Come and share life with us, for “we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”


Serving Others

The Church is called to stand apart from the world, but while we stand apart, we do not stand against. Christians are called to abandon selfishness and embrace selfless love. A call to love others above oneself, a new command to love as Christ loved us. In serving others we display the heart of God, and the sacrifice of Christ.


Savoring Christ

We have been created for worship.  Our lives are marked by the activity of ascribing worth, assigning value to what we cherish around us.  But we are restless.  We spend our lives searching for something or someone to savor, that will provide us with purpose and give us joy.  For every man woman and child of God’s creation there is but One object of supreme value and One locus of never-ending joy.  Jesus Christ is the hope of humanity and the holy subject worthy of the greatest human affection.  Fully God, fully man, sinless savior, supreme ruler, king, and friend.  It is the desire of Cross Church NYC to introduce the wanting world to this Wonderful Counselor, this Prince of Peace.  For no earthly comfort exceeds the knowledge that you are His, and that He is yours, and that an eternity of enjoyment lies ahead.  Join us as we savor the sweet joy of knowing and worshipping Jesus Christ.


Statement of Beliefs

Cross Church NYC affirms the Baptist Faith and Message, and is associated with the Baptist Convention of New York.

If you would like more information on our beliefs, service times and activities please email us at